365 Conlang thingies beyond #Lexember

So what conlaning methodolgy is most likely to capture the minds and hearts of recreational linguists? One based on portmanteus of month names and chapter headers from your linguistics text books of course. Did I even have to answer that?

Lexember – Coin a lexeme a day in December.
Morphambuary – Coin a bound morpheme a day in January
Febumantau – Create compound word a day for February. Doesn’t have to be a portmaneau, just needs more than one morpheme.
Polysemarch – Add a new meaning a day to an existing word in March
Auxpril- Get a fan a day. Or more realistically, get a fan in one month. Get out there are do some community building. Put out the welcome mat. Come on, are we solipsists or are we sociable language geeks?
Dis-May-course – Write a speech, novel, epic poem, folk tale, or chat log a day to fill out your examples of discourse. Or one of the above if you have a real job.
Juneme – Document or add to your phonetic inventory a phoneme a day, or add a rule to your phonotactics a day, or a Sandhi rule a day (but not all three, that would be absurd)
Julectury- Write a lecture, lesson or 140 letter pedagogical tweet each day explaining how your language works. You may need to recycle some content from the other 11 months, but this time, package it for learners. And in 10 years, after you forget how it all works, that means you, too.
Augovernust-Write down a clause of your user agreement, license, patent, copyright notice, lawsuit, Community Commons notice, membership rules, mailing list behavior guidelines each day of the month. Unless you are a solipsist, in which case you can continue to argue with yourself/us about the direction of your language.
Sentaxember – Define a syntax rule a day for September. Doesn’t need to be new– you can try to do it with BNF rules or “folk grammar” rules (e.g. don’t end sentence with prepositions) or my all time favorite “all-language-are-latin” style, where you create tables of conjugations and declensions with the same entries as for latin ones.
Novorpus – Add a new line of glossed text to your corpus every day of November. On thanksgiving, stuff your face and grow that corpus, too.

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