I got my Lamy Safari pen and ecosystem notebooks

The pen is just like the reviews. Very smooth to write with, feather-light. The fine nib draws a line that is almost identical up and across, but writes & writes with a thin line if the nib is upside down. The color of my pen is Charcoal, but it looks to me like a very, very dark brown. My handwriting still is blah, but the pen is more interesting to use.

I think a good analogy would be a hypothetical push button car. If you could drive to New York by getting into a car and pushing a button, driving wouldn’t be fun. As you move from that do-nothing car, to a automatic with a steering wheel, to a manual transmission, the driver gets some decisions to make again. At the far extreme would be the cars from right after the invention of combustion engines, which were a challenge to start, required goggles due to spewing bits of hot chemical nastiness, and other driver interventions that we don’t think about anymore.

Pens are like that. There is some point in between designing the user’s participation out of the product and designing a product where the user is doing all the work where you get optimal fun out of using something.