About Me

This is Matthew Martin’s weblog.  I’m an economist working full time as software developer (doing virtually nothing with economics) and full time as a Dad.

I’m living a comfortable life in Takoma Park, Maryland and think things are so fantastic, that I should write about them you should read about them.

With any luck, in this blog, I will stick to personal blogging and leave out the details of what’s on my mind when I’m at the office.

There are many, many, many people by the name of “Matthew Martin,” don’t be fooled by the imitators. There are only a few Matthew Dean Martin’s (Texas, CA, and me) and the other ones don’t seem to use the computer as much as I do, although I find them in online phone books, arrest records, alumnae lists, from time to time.

You may think there is an annual convention of people named Matthew Martin where we get together and exchange messages on behalf of the people who want to contact some particular Matthew Martin, but could only find a Matthew Martin in general, but there really isn’t.

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