News, Assorted and Various

I’m continuing to become an expert in babies and toddlers, at least from reading pop-non-fic books about birth, toddlers, and early childhood development. Did you know that if mothers eat, say beets during their third trimester, their toddlers are more likely to be willing to eat beets? Did you know that women who take a two week vacation before scheduled delivery are four time less likely to have a C-section?

I’ve finally resumed studying French. This time with work books. My ASL flashcard studies are coming along nicely. I can now say (in English word order) a lot of sentences using my ~300-400 signs. Just 200 or so more signs and I’ll exhaust my flashcard deck and move on to memorizing the dictionary. Icelandic progress on one hand is stalled (the review counts on my old flashcard decks spiked to 1000+ each for four decks. So I declared flashcard bankruptcy and started a new deck based on all new cards.

The office has been crazy stressful for the last week. I’m beginning to think career planning isn’t my forte. And a rollbacked release makes me wonder what my forte is.

My quantified-self project rolls on. I haven’t started poking myself to measure blood glucose– there are a lot of manuals to read through first and for the experiment to work, I need to have a week or two of relatively simple meal planning, unlike friday, where I merely ate when I could and whatever was in arms reach. I think if I measured my blood glucose last week, all I’d learn is that I should eat regular, predicable meals. Blood pressure, sleep and weight monitoring is rolling along just fine though.

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