Measuring myself

I’ve been super excited about my ‘quantified self’ project. I now measure:

Goals –  I use to track things like brushing teeth, sleep debt/sleep debt paid, doing flash cards

Weight – Usually 145, sometimes up to 155. Measured with Withings scale.

Blood Pressure- Usually 120/70, with BPM 60 to 80. Measured with Withings BP cuff.

Sleep –  Now that I have a fitbit, it says I’ve slept about 7.5 hours the last two nights and slept like a stone.

Steps taken per day-  Anywhere from 4000-10,000, typically 10,000, up to 15,000 if I go hiking.

In fact I now have two pedometers, the Nintendo DS pedometer and the fitbit.

The DS only displays if you hit your goal unless you tranfer the data to your device. The DS appears to be a bit stricter. It stops counting when I take off my cloths in the evening, but the fit bit gets moved to my wrist and keeps counting. And it seems that the Fitbit is just counting more things as a steps.

Flights of stairs. Thanks to the fit bit, but no data yet.

Challenges- Slowly changing metrics

The metris are the same day to day, except steps taken. If I don’t walk enough, I can do something about it, like go to the gym for 20 minutes. If no metrics have changes noticably from yesterday, then all I can do is carry on, since my metric are all in the healthy range (although my weight is chronically a bit on the low side and my blood pressure while in the ‘normal’ low range, could be lower according to some studies about strokes.  If I could get to 110 or 100, then my stroke risk would bottom out.)


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