I don’t post here very often. When I do, it’s either so random, it lacks a good category or audience, or it is “public diary” material. Sorry, nothing really gossip worthy, I don’t over share. Elsewhere on the web I post about programming stuff and linguistics stuff.

My son injured his knee, so I’m waiting on him hand and foot. And knee.

I’m working on writing a fake language, but so far have only spent maybe 2-3 hours on it. Clearly I need to think about methodology and scheduling.

I’m getting to the gym for cardio everyday since mid summer. I’m on a roll. I just need to figure out how to eat more to support the extra activity. And I figure it isn’t optional anymore. I used to get by on just the walking involved in public transportation and taking the stairs. That isn’t enough anymore and I can subjectively feel the difference between how effectively my heart and lungs are working since I resumed cardio everyday. On a downside, this has cut into my time spent doing weights, so I’ll have to figure out when I can do weights, else the joints will start to ache.

I’ve been doing vocabulary flashcards daily for what seems like a year. The number of words I’ve learned impresses me, but what impresses me more is how I’ve consistently underestimated the sheer scale of the task of learning a significant percent of another language’s vocabulary. I think I can absorb about 10 to 30 words a day depending on the difficulty. Words with no internal clues are the hardest. Sjalfsmor├░ingi is easy because it means “self-murder-person”. Near loan words are the easiest. I’ve started my French deck and may resume some of the other decks, but this time with maybe as few as 1 or 2 new words per day. I really can only do one language seriously at a time. Maybe I’ll find out if I can “drip feed” myself a less important Anki deck without rapidly getting overwhelmed and giving up on that deck.

I’ve been reading about monkeys, fish and talking apes. I need to think about my software developer and Russian lit book clubs because I’ve been neglecting them. Flashcards have displaced a lot of reading time and weekends have been full of housework, my other prime reading time. Maybe I should experiment with the robot reading to me on my kindle while I do stuff around the house or when my hands are otherwise occupied.

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