Time for some real blogging

Real blogging is a wordy update about what is happening in one’s life. I haven’t been doing that much recently. I’ve mostly been writing articles. Head over to my conlang blog to read some of them, especially if you are one of the people who are reading this RSS feed mostly just for the toki pona and conlang stuff. My article on conlang manefestos and my conlang manifesto is quite good if I may say so myself.

So this evening I do some real blogging. My son’s finished up his freshman year at high school so has move out for the summer. I’ve got too many personal projects in the queue. Some of the have been going on long enough it’s time to decide if it is time to ditch or take it to the next level. Icelandic, writing a conlang, some of the various websites I’ve started. I’ve got a few projects that I haven’t really started but would like to, such as dabbling in Virginian Algonquian, finally learning to read Klingon (I’m suspecting it is easier than it looks due to the small number of words, 2.5 thousand or so).

Also I need to take better care of myself and get to the gym and get all the flossing and stuff done. I’m going to try to see if two weeks of following a different wake up and go to bed routine will break me of my bad habits, especially with respect to reading the news, RSS readers, email, twitter.

Professionally, I’m not sure what is next, but it’s likely to be something big. So I want to get my vacation in, soon. Maybe I should go to Iceland in late August– I just need to make sure it isn’t a lonely hike, isn’t with cranky people, and involves lots of language use opportunities.

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