My toki pona to do list

- Add jan Kipo’s spelling proposal to the speller.

- Merge in jan Kipo’s tp base word word list

- Implement a Hamurabi game localized for toki pona

- Translate common urban plants and animals into toki pona

- Genetic mutation algorithm for toki pona (something that would evaluate a relex based on something like how concise sample texts would become, the average distance between pairs of words, # of minimal pairs, etc), and the genetic part would come from “mating” words like kalama + lili = kali or anpa + pilin = anilin.  My current mutator isn’t as interesting as it could be.

- Add a dating, convention and skype event list to, something that works for a conlang community, because the meetup model just doesn’t fit.

- get the entire code base on to support alternate conlangs

- Compile all the republishable texts into a sorted and maybe a corrected toki pona graded reader

- Finish a reasonable reference grammar for toki pona *in style of a field linguist* (As opposed to the conlang style, which tends to be part ‘creative writing’ or ‘lessons’ which tend to avoid linguistics jargon or a standards document where every detail has to be sweated over and negotiated and so on)

- Add the short hand transliterator for toki pona, similar to the one that I did for pseudo-hieroglyphs.

- Fix the tp transliterator using a IPA based (or any pronunciation based) technique instead of techniques based on English orthogrpahy.

- Add a (primative) tp web chat that only allows toki pona text.

- Add a tp census database and link to the corpus documents.

- Write a tp tweet lesson and word a day stream and set it up for publication over a year.

- Publish tp anki decks that have a realistic # of facts (particular the large # of phrases, the large # of meanings that have to be memorized)

- Add pre-packages regex searches to the corpus search tool.

- Implement a phrase dictionary for tp (I had one before, but it sucked and I never fixed it)

- Finish writing a tp to c# object parser

- Write C# code for testing noun phrase equivallence in tp,

e.g. soweli laso suli = soweli suli laso.  – equivallent but shuffled

soweli laso loje — not equivallent, word order matters

tomo suli pi telo nasa ~ tomo pi telo nasa – equivalent except for a modifier

2 thoughts on “My toki pona to do list

  1. That is a great idea to republish TP texts into a corrected toki pona graded reader.

    I also like the idea of tweet a day lesson and word a day.

    Dave (jan Tawita)