Project Triage

I’m working on too many projects at them moment. 7 meetup groups. Now some of these are 1x a month groups, and half are asleep or half asleep.

Successful Meetups I organize:
Icelandic Language Learner’s study group, 8 meetups/month- My favorite & most successful group, where I feel like I’m doing something for the community that otherwise wouldn’t happen.
Linguistics Book Club, 1/mo- After what feels like two dozen books (probably was only a dozen) this is a very solid group with lots of familiar faces.
Programmer’s book club 1/mo- Brand new, but I think this will follow an even better trajectory than the linguistics book club.

Less Active Groups I organize
Russian study group 4/mo if at all- I mostly organized this so my son would have a place to study. But he’s learning French and school.
Russian book club 1 every 2- 3 months- Can’t find enough in translation that I’d want to read :-( There are about 3 (max!) events I’d like to hold and then call it quits.
Asatru group – A vigorous local group has made mine unnecessary. It was a risky idea and led to 3 events, while individually rewarding show all sorts of unfavorable trends– low signup rates, esp, and low overlap with my other 2 Icelandic groups, even thought I thought they’d be complementary topics.
Icelandic/Scandinavian Fiction book club 1 every 1 or 2 months- This has had it’s up and downs. But it doesn’t have a cohesive core of attendees. This has some modest overlap with my Icelandic study group.

So I’ll probably open the 2 russian groups to member organized events and close the asatru group. That will leave me with 4 groups, which really works out to a biweekly book club and a study group.

And that is just my meetup projects. I’ve got programming projects, amateur linguistics projects, work projects, house projects.

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