New Year’s Resolutions 2011

Looking back at 2 of the last four years, this exercise doesn’t seem to be all that effective. In GTD talk, this, I suppose is a good time to review “maybe someday” projects. I should be reviewing fitness, study and money goals every month– New Years is too infrequent.

2010′s Resolutions- missing. I was goofing off last year with Na’vi and enjoying Snomargedon at about that time.
2009′s Resolutions
2008′s Resolutions- missing.
2007′s Resolutions

This year the most disruptive thing was changing apartments and my son moving in with me for high school years. Otherwise, this year has been smooth sailing on all measures.

Apple Farm in Iceland. I guess it is a good idea I haven’t pursued this business opportunity. One would have to grown a lot of crab apple trees in a country not known for having trees to get enough crab apples to make hard cider. On the other hand, only having to work 2 months a year (the growing season), is very attractive.

Group Retreat to Iceland. This is a fairly new idea of mine– to cobble together a dozen or so people to travel to Iceland in one great big herd and rent an entire house, then shift from farm to farm doing Iceland stuff– horse riding and spelunking and making jokes about Icelandic cuisine.

Other than that, not too many big projects. My various language and linguistics projects are all huge projects, but I chip away at them continuously (generally with no sign of progress). I used to have grandious programming goals, but I now have really small goals that can be finished in an evening– and I find it more fun to work on that trying to find a large patch of time to do something big.

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