Zompist, Conlangs and potty mouthed trolls

There is a interesting  thread on the Zompist board.  Not about conlangs, but about meta–talking about the board there.  The zompist board has suffered a general drop in the level of civility to the point where most people there routinely dish out harsh and rude words and generally have adopted a Klingon attitude that manners are for the weaker species.  What doesn’t matter is what these people have written.  What does matter, is “Are the people that have left that community  from the constant harshing the ones that I was interesting in talking to?”  The answer must be yes because I’ve generally stopped posting on Zompist.

In general, the Zompist forums has colored my opinion of a whole style and approach to conlangs.   People learn or write a language so as to reach out to the people who’d be interested in such a language, if only to briefly look at the grammar and dictionary.  If naturalistic conlangs with richly imagined conworld (like Vedurian) attract people who behave like arrogant rude 12 year olds, then for gods sake that is the last sort of language I’d want to create or study.  This goes for the Language Construction Toolkit.   I suspect that if I wrote a language to that spec, it would attract the same sort of people that are pissing all over the zompist bb.  If anything, I would want to write a language that is repulsive to the people remaining on the Zompist, reading the Language Construction Toolkit in reverse so to speak.

Anyhow, nothing left to do now but sit back and wait for some flaming comments from the Zompists.  Does anyone know of  a better run forum?  The yahoo conlang mailing list doesn’t have even a fraction of the bile you see on zompist.  Ditto the toki pona forums.  Ditto the lojban mailing list.  Ditto for the Klingon mailing list (oh the irony!).

What do you call the trolls when it’s only the trolls that are left at an online community?

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