Why we don’t give a crap about languages once English has won

This is why we don’t care about foreign languages and why when we do, Na’vi is just as good as the next, in fact better.

If you can think of an easy way for me to get linguistic samples from dying languages that I can analyze in my home, then by all means, I will learn a dying language. If learning Korean will provide me with a large but close-knit community of people, easily and readily accessible and willing to share, whom I know share the same exact interests as me, down to films and books, then by all means, I will work harder at learning Korean. Many of this have this as just another language tacked onto the pile: Prrton knows, what is it, seven? Wm knows at least five. And I personally tire of dealing with all of the irregularities of greek and latin, the inaccessability of Japanese orthography, and the lack of immediate community for German and French. I would love to learn a dying language. Tell me how, and I’ll start today.

Richard Littauer (http://www.slate.com/id/2248683/)

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