Fictional Murders in Iceland Now Exceed National Population

Thanks to a crime wave of Scandinavian Crime fiction, authors such as Yrsa Sigurdardóttir and Arnaldur Indriðason have driven the crime rate above 1:1.

Jón Siggison, a professor of Fishery Economics at Iceland University, tells us, “Three out of the last top ten Scandinavian crime fiction novels involved brutal murders of a professor of Fishery Economics.  I’m the only professor of that subject and frankly, this is making a little nervous.”

We interviewed top Althingi officials to get their take on what actions they were taking to bring down the fictional crime rate.  “The real murder rate in Iceland is one of the lowest in the world.  We intend to do nothing about the fictional crime rate until publishers revoke the publication of fictional stories of pre-crash finance ministers being thrown from tall cliffs, fed to whales and ripped limbed to limb by angry mobs.  The extremely low rate of those mysteries being solved makes one wonder if these ‘stories’ are just fantasy fulfillment.”

Author’s agent Hafdís Jóndóttir relates, “I’ve seen every permutation of the murder mystery imaginable.  I guess it would just be a matter of time until everyone in Iceland got their turn to be murdered on paper.  I must admit, though, it was unnerving to read a novel proposal about a Reykjavík author’s agent that was murdered in mysterious circumstances at their office.  … Biddu! Did you see anything out that window?”

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