Using Stock Spam to Play the Virtual Stock Market

Today I got a spam email for FCYI, reassuring me that the stock was going to go up. This can mean only one thing, someone is pumping and dumping FCYI. I rushed to my virtual stock market game ready to cash in on the largest short sell on FCYI ever seen. I asked my imaginary broker to short it for all I have. The game complains that the stock is below $2. So I edit the game and make stocks worth $1 valid for transactions. The game complains that I can only short up to 100% of the trading volume, which is 500 shares today. Whee! I short about $500 worth of stock. When it falls to 1cent per share, I’ll be up $500 (minus $60 commissions) .

Gee, can’t even make money with the knowlege that stock promoted by spam is almost certainly a dog.

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