I don’t like Libertarians

Sites like digg and reddit and corners of stackoverflow have been overrun by libertarians.  Some of them may just like low taxes and the freedom to smoke pot and may otherwise be nice people.  Some may have well thought out intellectual reasons.  Heck, even the Mormons, who I can hardly agree with them on anything are truely some of the nicest people I’ve met, even when I have to turn them away from my door.   The rest of libertarians are expressing their socialpathic personality.

The sociopath is the moocher, the freeloader, the man who will take a handout but won’t let you starve in the street because you misfortune is your fault and his gain.  The sociopath is the traitor that switches sides when it pays, the thief who is above all property laws except when they serve to protect his property instead of yours, the scrooge who saves not for the greater wealth of all, but to deny others his surplus.

The sociopaths among us use the web, too.  They’re the trolls, the guys ruining online communities everywhere, sniffing out messages with whiffs of social contract so they can  badger them into thinking the social contract is somehow impolite, trying to re-engineer social opinion all the while condemning conventional morality as  social engineering.

The libertarian sociopath is the one that wants the freedom from social obligations and the freedom to be be a parasite.  The libertarian is the self justifying thief, the anarchist who wants you to follow the rules, so as to make it easier to exploit you when he breaks the rules.

The libertarian hates nothing more than social responsibility, not out of any fancy thinking but because the putting the good of anyone above themselves is repugnant to them.  They don’t buy into the social contract because they can gain so much more by just taking what they want and getting even more by pretending to be paying into the system but in fact only taking what society has given.

Even chimpanzees will hunt down that slaughter traiters, in law routinely the traitor gets the highest punishment.  The thief is routinely exiled or caged.  The cost of being an ugly sociopath is high, if you are found out.  Thanks to the internet, the sociopaths now have keyboard courage and are annoucing their presence on the web with the label “libertarian.”

If you think you’re a “good” libertarian, well, maybe you are, but still, you’re sharing a self chosen label with the label that has  been chosen by the worst elements of humanity.

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We have found the disease and the disease it not liberalism, it is libertarianism.

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