Toki Pona Word Generation

Never forget tp is about polysemy, so a tp phrase can be parse many ways– one word at a time, or by assuming that a pair of words has a conventional meaning.


jan suli,  big guy or god.

telo nasa, crazy water, booze

tomo telo, water room, restroom


telo nasa  jelo,  yellow crazy water, yellow booze, beer

telo mama soweli, female cute-animal water, water of cow, milk

Triples with pi
tomo pi telo nasa, room of cray water, bar

toki pi wile sona, talk of wanting knowlege.  talk of curiosity.  Question

Quadruples -

telo nasa wawa ala – not powerful crazy water.   Maybe distilled water?

mama mama mama mama – great-great-grandmother

Quadruples with pi –

telo nasa pi wawa ala – crazy water of no power.  Non-alcoholic beer.

Word Trains

In English you can write a sentence that end in five prepositions, e.g. “What did you bring that book that we didn’t want to be read to out of up for?”

Similarly, in tp. you can have phrases of 4+ words without a function word (e.g. pi, li, e, la, ni, kepeken, etc), but the cognative burden of parsing such a phrase is very high.

mi li wile e ilo mute jelo suli pona Epanja.

I want many, yellow, big, good, Spanish things.

I want good Spanish lemon-yellow bundles.


You can’t tell if we have two word modifiers or what going on.  Obviously breaking up word trains with function words would probably make the sentence clear.

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