News: writing, meetups, I’m overscheduled

Online writing.  I maintain two blogs, I read my facebook page and manage three email accounts. I write enough on stackoverflow that it should be on the list.  Of the four, I like facebook the least– it has the smallest audience and it isn’t really my best content I’ve created.  Sometimes the content I’m competent and interested in writing, just isn’t interesting for my audience on facebook.  From google analytics, I know that there have been dozen of people who cared about items I’ve written. On facebook, even I have a hard time being interested in what I’ve written.  I used to write for my technical blog more– stackoverflow has satisfied some of the need to write something down.

Meetups.  I organized 6 groups.  That is more than it sounds like.  Five language study groups groups and a book club. In language study groups in order of success: Icelandic, French, Swedish, Russian, Hindi.  And a linguistics book club.  I’m thinking of bumping that number of to 5, but that really just means expanding one of the mailing lists to four mailing lists to support two new locations and a new book club.  That would be at least one or two dozen more events per year.

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