Getting Things Done

Today I’m also trying to clean up MS Outlook. There is just too much email that I want to keep coming, but I only want to read it on occasion. And if I cancel the subscriptions, I know I will never visit the website. So as a compromise, I’m automatically sending all my 2nd class mail to reference folders. Third class mail gets deleted. First class mail gets to stay in the inbox. Email isn’t the only thing that needs deleting. My PDA’s sometimes have excellent memories and can remember that I needed to do the laundry THREE YEARS AGO! While it is still true I need to do the laundry and undoubitably I have dirty laundry that has been sitting around that long, all this junk in my Outlook tasks section makes my brain mistrust the system. Similarly, I’ve got a problem with the contacts section. While my phone can hold then entire Washington DC phone book, I have a rather weak connection to the vast majority of those people and businesses. I’m going to try keeping my contact categories up to date and see if that increases the percentage of numbers in my contact book that actually get called and the percentage of times I can make a call from a contact book entry alone.

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