News: I suppose things could be worse

The only thing remarkable right now is that week to week, things seem to be the same.

At the office I’m running a metaphorical marathon where the finish line is moving forward about as fast as I run. In two weeks though, we’ll stop calling it marathon one and call it marathon two.

At home I’ve been taking care of a 12 year old.  Its mentally tiring.

I’m making little progress on personal programming projects.  Speaking of which, I had this great idea– an application where you could take a test every day to look for signs of brain tumors, Alzheimer’s or what not.  It would be kind of like brain age or those rapid assessment tests, except with some multiple regression.  If it worked, then these hard to detect issues could be detected far earlier than they are usually detected now.

The technical problem is one of database programming (gathering large data sets) and signal processing–trying to pull out a trend from what is usually noisy data, like the number of misspellings, typing speed and self assessment responses, while correcting for factors like learning and the expected mental decline we get from loss of brain cells.

Nintendo’s Brain Age probably could work, but Brain Age isn’t hooked into any data to say– hey your score profile looks like dementia or maybe an alien parasite burrowing into your parietal lobes.    Without enough data to confirm a pattern has something interesting driving it, we’d just end up with high tech phrenology.  Now that I’m thinking about it, the best way to continually test someone is to not test them, but just to record ambient data, like typing speed and accuracy.

But ignoring issues, like that– it is one more personal programming project I wish I had time to do.

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