Another busy weekend.  I tried to re-arrange my possessions and furniture again.  It was reasonably successful.  Got a new shelving unit from IKEA, although what I really wished I had space for was one of those entire-wall-closet-things.

Did 2 lua lessons with the son, one aimed at demonstrating how to check in code and merge using subversion.  The other was an army simulator.  I wish there was more reading material about lua.

I played WoW again.  For some reason in-game accomplishments don’t seem very exciting.  I found it more rewarding to setup a twitter client inside the WoW client then to reach level 12.  I wish the ingame story text was better reading.  Blizzard has to pull of so many feats–feats of programming, art work, commerce, community building, that I guess I shouldn’t beat them up for not getting the story text right.

Speaking of community building, WoW could use some help in that department.  Guild building requires 10 people, and in practice many more because of challenges of getting everyone online at the same time.  Raids require 5 people.  So if you aren’t always online, and if you don’t resort to adding just anyone to your group, you can’t easily do raids and guilds.

That leaves questing in pairs.  That doesn’t have much in the way of in game support, especially when it comes to setting up events and letting people RSVP.  The virtual world needs a  I wonder if it alread exists?

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