Personal work projects

What an oxymoron.  Anyhow, I’m patching my personal web server back to what it used to be.  I have about 10 domain names, some have websites behind them, some have plans behind them, some have broken websites behind them.

Maybe someday I get a website behind each.

General ideas–

Advertisement sites for my various language groups.  I have 2 of these.  They’re easy to make and have a measurable impact. Very satisfying work, although kind of hard to fillout with suitable content.

Calendar sites for my various plans to fill up my calendar with movies and potlucks.  Both of these are much more ambitious than any other site type I’m working on. used to be an almost interesting site, but it’s down.

Blogs. I’m fed up with wordpress mangling my text, eating it, and getting hacked, but I don’t have time to move.  I’ve got 2 blogs, and at one point I had about 6 (not a good idea, easier to add a new category) Http:// is worth visiting, although the domain name still isn’t fixed right.

Wikis. I have 2 wikis, but only one do I use much. Neither has attracted any collaborators.  Http:// is worth visiting.

One thought on “Personal work projects

  1. Wow 10 domains, that one tough job, I only have one domain and I can even cope up on updating it everyday. I salute you for this. Have a nice day.