Brand new french meetup was a success.  So if you send out 1000 invitations to join a French language study group, 3 people will show up, 7 will promise to show up.  There is a vast shallow interest in French. But of those do have interest, their French a  long way from “bonjour” and “merci”  It looks like I’ll have to re-do the planned format for my group– less of a textbook study group and more of a translation group. 

This week I had meetups for 5 days.  I wish I could have cancelled them all on account of a common cold, but so much work goes into getting one to happen at all, I’d loathe to cancel them.  So I’ve been doping myself up on cough suppressants and trying my hardest not to cough.  The hand shaking is trickier. You can’t win. If you shake hand you might give them a cold.  If you don’t shake hands, it’s unfriendly. 

The Pseudoephedrine I’ve been taking gave me two nights of lousy sleep with my mind racing on and on about trying to think in French.

Speaking of French, I discovered that has a large selection of French books that look like they can be ordered reasonably cheap to the US. might be cheaper, I still looking in to it.  And might be cheaper, too.  The US site seems to only have French books that ended up into the inventory by accident.

If there are almost no books in French available for US, this implies to me that the entire French langauge education project is probably failing.  Otherwise you’d expect to see people buying “Teach Yourself French” going to a few college courses in French and then going on to consume some fraction of their regular media in French.  That we don’t see the book sellers supplying this makes me think we must be doing something terrable wrong–even with all the resource we have for learning french, we haven’t gotten to the point where there is a massmarket for French comics!

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