Bermuda Day 7

Buses are on full strike, so we are marooned on St Georges Island.  It was supposed to be  four hour tour!

We were going to go helmet diving, but the business said they weren’t open–they didn’t have their business license yet.  With the bus strike, we would have had a hard time getting there anyhow.

The skipper and the movie star are playing video games.  I’m going to watch Icelandic movies.

Also we saw our first tourist who fell off a scooter.  So the score so far is 2 people dead in car accidents and one road rash.

As a vacation, I guess the best part is that I’m doing no programming whatsoever. On the other hand, that is kind of like a week with all meetings, too.

We’re ready for the trip home tomorrow.  Got documents, got bread, jam, nut butters for making sandwiches for lunch/dinner on the plane and at the airport.

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