Bermuda day 5

Today, we went shopping–a experience the kids wanted, but I could have skipped.  All the Bermudan stores seem to draw on the same container load of souvenir kitsch from China, the same stuff you see in Florida.  There are some exceptions such as the locally made pottery, local jam, local barbeque sauce.  The Rum Cake taste good but has hydrogenated oils in it, so I won’t buy a box of it.  I do plan to go home and attempt to make some for myself.

We went all the way to the opposite end of the island, just in time for the museums to close.   Took the ferry twice, the bus twice.  

I’m also planning a restaurant food purchase with the same consideration one would give to any other larger purchase.  I’ve retained a buyer’s agent, toured all the restaurants on the island, taken out a loan against my 401k, updated my credit report.  I’m thinking maybe the “Upper Crust” pizza restaurant.

Speaking of restaurants, the guide books are hostile to the idea of vegetarianism, but many restaurants have vegetarian sections on their menus.

2 thoughts on “Bermuda day 5

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