Bermuda day 3, 4

Yesterday we went swimming  and saw the caves.  Today we went on an incredibly late bus and an incredibly expensive horseback ride.    The bus was late due to a ‘union meeting’, which appears to have stopped service for 5 hours in the middle of the day.  We waited over an hour (maybe 1.5)  to get a bus.

On the horse ride the views on the beach were spectacular, but the camera lost power long before I got there.  

The son has behaved for the last two days.  The niece is well behaved on most issues unasked, but when you need to get her to co-operate, it isn’t worth the effort.  Most things can be tolerated for a week.  The son doesn’t get any slack, I have to be able to put up with him many more years.

3/4 through Icelandic TV show, Black Angels.  Anskot! Skit! I’m learning to curse.  

Got a bottle of Italian wine (250ml or so?).  It is almost as good as a Spanish wine, but not quite.

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