Meetup Scheming

My sci-fi book club on Meetup never took off,  so I move it to GoodReads. So far 3 members followed that move. So maybe it will be a sleeper and slowing take off on GoodReads.

As I said before, The Arlington Lingustics Meetup/Book Club has taken off.  This reinforces my impression that Meetup is a winner for anything to do with languages.

So I’ve got a maxium of 6 groups I can organize.  Two are doing great–Icelandic and Swedish.  Norwegian is still trying to get off the ground–I’ve been trying to hold ‘cultural meetup’ just so the list won’t go dark.  I just recently had another successful Mongolian study group.  

So I have 1 open slot for a group.  I’m thinking French or Spanish because I did course work in those in college.   French and Spanish have existing groups, but they are huge and the list of people ‘waiting for a group’ is huge, too.  French is a good choice on account of the supply of French comic books, good French movies and French food for movie and potluck nights.

Russian has too much compentition, except in the are of study groups. I don’t feel like doing a study group for Russian and the are already 2+ successful conversation groups on meetup alone.

Or maybe Hindi because it’s a good excuse to go to Indian restaurants. Hindi and other groups for subcontent languages exist, but seem to be attracting more fluent speakers than people in my situation (learning the first non-menu words of Hindi).

Anyhow, if I do yet another language group, I need decide and order the books right away.  Strax.

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