Book Reviews: Rollback, 13 and Rainbows End

I’m 3 books into my attempt to resume reading sci-fi on a regular basis.  First was Rollback.  It was okay, it talked about real science, real speculation. It was also about rejuvenation and had some clumsy talk about morality.  Thirteen was another action packed adventure by Richard Morgan.  Rainbows End is what the internet will be like in the future and…another rejuvenation story.  Do old sci-fi writers necessarily have to turn to rejuvenation stories?  Rainbows End was also the most self-referential, with a lot of chatter about books, libraries, fandoms.  Rainbows End had the best climax, but post climax, the loose ends of the story sort of got tied up over a wandering couple dozen pages and you could hear the author sighing, “Done, gotta ship this to the publisher.”  In that respect, I liked how 13 ended, where the villains just said, “Ok, here’s how it was all done.”  A few paragraphs and bing, it was all clear.

I’d rank these in order of quality: 13, Rainbows End, Rollback.  All are above average.

From my unscientific sample of 3, it looks like US sci-fi is tiltling towards works written by old guys. And at the library, the new Sci-Fi/Fantasy shelf was all Fantasy.   What does this mean?

Any how, 2 of these were books posted as book club meetup, neither attracted any attendance at all.  On the otherhand, amateur writing groups are getting record turn out.  I think a third trend is that people have more interest in writing than reading.  And that is all I have time to write.

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