Dating Warnings signs (as if I knew)

1. Women you meet intially by email. The stigma associated with newspaper ads does seem to be lightened in the online version of personal ads, but I think it is in large part because it is so much easier to nix a relationship that started for a flimsly reason, like responding on a whim to an email. The alternative, meeting in real space, puts a higher burden getting involved (you may actually see the person again), and ditching, (well why did you get invovled int he first place if you weren’t somewhat serious?) Internet dating means it is costless to get out of a relationship–you’ll never see them again and it is easy to tell oneself that starting the relationship was a lark.
2. Women who are safe at home. I go to a lot of public (open membership) social groups, like church, special interest clubs, etc. I don’t see a lot of regulars. These kind of girls are easy to avoid because they aren’t there. You might run into them though, on the one time they get out of the house.
3. Women who can’t be influenced. I’m not talking about servility and obsequitiousness, I’m talking about someone who reacts hostily to advice, suggestions, ideas and opinions. Dr. Gottman says this is more likely to be a problem for men, but I wouldn’t know.

Non-warning signs.

Messed up people. As long as they are not a lot more messed up than you.

Unhealthy. As long as they aren’t in worse health than you.

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