New Year Resolutions 2009

Mixed progress on last years resolutions.  Progress on my social calendar website was derailed by two job switches a bout of overtime, likewise the certification was derailed by two job switches, so the technology I was using at work and the test content I was studying got of of synch over and over.

I resolve to save up some money to buy a house, but I’m not going to follow through with buying it unless it makes economic sense– the house I’d like now costs $180,000 but my spreadsheet says rent parity is $160,000.  I resolve to not sell a single share of stocks.  I resolve to finally consolidate all my 401K accounts.

Goofing Off and Travel
I resolve to play some Tomb Raider and Fallout 3.  I also resolve to figure out how to take a vacation to Iceland. I resolve to go to Bermuda, because it would be a nice holiday.

I’m thinking maybe  a radical 1/7 of my time should be dedicated to goofing off.

I’m currently expending various amounts of effort on 7 languages.  I plan to make progress towards fluency in Swedish and Icelandic, I plan to try to maintain some exposure to the rest in the form of podcasts, comics, movies, and watching English language movies with Spanish and French subtitles.  I resolve to bump up the number of potlucks I hold to maybe 24–that would be a stretch.

My gym schedule has been thrown completely off track.  I resolve to do “more” wii fit and show up at Gold’s more often

I resolve to drive less and permanently bump up the amount of low carbon local food I eat, which should be easy because I like filberts, pecans and peanuts anyhow.

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