Socializing like I don’t care…

One one hand, it seems that one would make few friends by speaking over-ill of oneself. On the other hand, I tired of potential dating situations where as soon as they find out about social resume blemishes, I’m a pariah.

So my new policy is bad news first. And here is the news:

I’ve a history of failed relationships. (Somehow this is only a negative if said failed relationships involved marriage)

I’ve already one son and I decided to keep part time custody. (I suppose this could be good or bad, I’ve heard it argued both ways. One theory is that single men with children have an easier time remarrying than women, the other theory is that women don’t want to be step-mothers. I think the latter is truer now-a-days, even though the step-mother is an obsolete institution. Modern girlfriends and wives of divorced fathers are more like aunts than step mothers.)

I’m INTP by Briggs Meyers. Except for geeks who wear INTP as a badge of honor, the INTP is not one of the charismatic alpha male personality types.

I own a cat. This is a positive my view, but just in case it is bad news, from now on everyone is going to have to hear about Marbles right away, lest we all waste our time only to realize that a friendship can’t bear the stress of cat dander.

And I’m overtired. Goodnight all.

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