Someone stole my credit card number!

And they tried to charge $600 on it for some sports related thingy. Fortunately a watchful robot caught the transaction, denied it, called me and the whole card has now been canceled.

This just helps remind us how evil check cards are. If it was a check card, the bank would have let the transaction go through.

My experience also demonstrates how bills by email are somewhat of a mixed blessing. My email account over the years has become deluged with email. In the last few months I’ve been unsubcribing to everything. Still, after I logged on to check the rest of my credit card accounts, I noticed that I got hit with a late fee! It seems the email notification of my bill didn’t make it to my conscious mind.

Word to the computer savy– only do paperless billing if you are a convenience card user (i.e. pay your bill in full every month). Sign up for automatic payment. Check your bills periodically for fraud, and budget busting. Don’t rely on email for bill notifications. Close extra credit card accounts– not because they hurt your credit score, but because they require too much attention to monitor for fraud.

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