Smashing success at the Icelandic Meetup

9 people!  Wow, I thought the group was big when it had four people at an event.  Anyhow, incredibly enthusiastic crowd today, lots of talented “amateur” linguists.  We studied Icelandic, people spoke Russian and German to prove they could, worked out that indeed some in some dialects of English we do indeed pronounce an audible h after the w in words like “where”– I’d always thought the “w” and “wh” were spelling artifacts, like the “c” and “ck”

Afterwards I went to listen to Nordic Rock at St Ex.  I read Andres Ond, (Donald Duck) on the metro there, at the bar and back.  No one showed to that event despite sending an invitation to over 100 people (!).  

Still, I’m chuffed with my progress so far.  I’m learning so many Scandinavian words that I could follow the short German conversation at the table today.   And that doesn’t even seem fair, cause I haven’t been studying German at all.

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