Not the best weekend

Meetup travails. I missed a meetup that I’m the group organizer for.  Everything that could go wrong did- I didn’t show, the person who suggested the time and place didn’t show, only one showed, everyone else that could have shown, as far as I know, didn’t show.  I sent an apology to the one person who did show and they took offense at the content of my apology.  So much for attempts at diplomacy.  Makes me want to end my two newest meetup groups and focus on the ones I have going already.

Parenting. My son made his mom blow her top when she visits to pick him up.  He’s got a tin ear for diplomacy.  When someone is yelling at you for whining about how rough life is at Dad’s place, responding with additional complains is not a good idea.  And his mom, who doesn’t generally let him play computer games at all, is not going to be sympathetic to my son’s complain that I am too restrictive about how much time he spends playing games.   The other popular arguments are food (my son wants to eat competitively, but Dad says it’s better for the health to eat at meal time, not just because someone else is eating), and walking speed, which my son may or may not have a point.  It just that if a child harps on an issue for long, all of a sudden you don’t want to ever give in on it lest he move on to another issue where he thinks he might be able to use the same technique.

I keep trotting out my argument that when he gives up on trying to keep in emotions in check, people will stop listening to the content of his message, “I want this, I want that” and switch to listening only to the method of communication, “screaming + wild claims + crying + insults + whining” etc.  Anyhow, I can’t tell if he gets it or if he does, it’s like he’s incapable of using any understanding about the dynamics of dealing with people.

Which isn’t to say he was a monster over the weekend, it was pretty typical behavior mixed in with just plain bad behavior.  You’d think the rational child wouldn’t engage if bad behavior if they could clearly see that it doesn’t get them what they want and co-operation with the powers that be will get them a lot further.

Computers as a discouraging hobby. My home brew computer no longer boots.  The boot drive was too small.  Never, never, never use a 20GB drive as a boot drive, it needs to be at least double that.  I tried to copy it onto another drive.  The windows operating system provides no help for such a scenario, so it is very tricky and time consuming.  Is drive cloning an unimaginable scenario? Well, given how often Microsoft’s own documentation says “back everything up”, you’d think drive cloning would be a routine activity.  Now my machine can see a drive is attached, but will not boot to any operating system on any drive I attach.  In fact, the  “black screen of the deadly blinking underscore” is the same behavior you get when you try to boot with no drive attached at all!  So that took away about half a day of time I could have spent doing something of more social value.

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