News: Busy. I’ll be back soon.

Work.  Too much of it.

Play.  I’m overcommitting myself.

Study. If you study enough words, eventually the words start to echo in your head hours later and you have no idea what they mean.

Gym.  I gotta figure out how to there there more often during the week.

Wealth. I haven’t checked by stock account in months.  I have no idea what my 401K is invested in.  I hope it doesn’t default to baseball cards or foreclosed mortgage mutual funds.

Hair.  I need to cut it.

Status.  I am updating my status.

Health.  Shoulder hurts, not sure what I did to it.

Music. 3 good German bands: L’âme Immortelle, Untoten, Blutengel, Deine Lakaien (mostly English).  1 Good Italian: Helalyn Flowers.  2 Good US bands: Emelie Autumn, Abney Park.  I like the Swedish band Basshunter, but they are just fun pop.  Zombie Girl is better music than the not-so-serious albumn theme implies.  I wish Last.FM had a better selection of Mongolian Pop, I guess I’ll have to get those tunes from youtube, much slower way to discover music.

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