Working on an ad campaign is hard work.

My google ad word campaing, which orignially was supposed to be an inexpensive way to advertised and draw traffic to my various websites for a while turned into a real drain, with $100 of dollars of expenses and nothing interesting to show for it.

I got rid of most of the content network advertising which appears to be subject to click fraud and generally low quality clicks.

Then I started experimenting with lots of techniques for advertising my meetup and invariably I ran into the page quality sandpit, where google keeps raising your minimum bid until all your campaigns are too expensive or deactivated.  I suspecte this is where most reasonable people would quit.

But not me!  I wanted to own the key words “learn icelandic”, at least for all searches made in a 10 mile radius of Clarendon, Virginia.  So I bought the domain name,  That site is up and has a wiki for icelandic language learning resources, which I still need to finish filling it out with content.

I created a membership drive website just for google ads because I suspected using was killing my page quality scores–meetup has google ads and a lot of junk unrelated to icelandic language learning on my group’s page.  In fact, google thought my page might be about hotels in DC!  Here is my Icelandic Language Meetup membership drive page.  It has content and lots of calls to action.  Landing pages are now better tuned to the search words as are the text ads.

So far, I’ve burned maybe a dozen hours on this project.  I’m thinking google is creating a market here for small advertisers that can’t deal with google’s new stringent quality guidelines.

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