New threat for small businesses: not findable with Google maps

Today I learned about the second restaurant that is unfindable using Google maps.  Clydes of Tysons is unfindable, with or without a map.  For me, it was just a frustrating exercising in wasting gasoline.

Forgetting about Clydes in particular, this is a new angle on how the internet is changing the world for small businesses.  I don’t have a yellow pages or a white pages.  I don’t have the time to investing in using a paper directory, in addition to the fact that I just resent that the phone company feels the need to kill trees to give me phone numbers I can find faster on the internet.  So any small business who’s number is in the yellow pages but isn’t findable online, doesn’t really exist for me.

Likewise, any small business that doesn’t have accurate maps on their website.  I used this map and couldn’t find the place.  I think the crux of the problem is that Clydes advertising their mailing address (8332 Leesburg Pike), which isn’t really close to where they are located, where ever that might really be.  When they use their mailing address, then Google maps gives you completely inaccurate directions.  Anyhow, Clydes doesn’t exist for me.

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