Computer woes: I don’t like webhost4life anymore

I should have listend to my two bloggers who had negative things to say about webhost4life.  As long as I didn’t have to deal with people, they were just fine.  The help desk service was irritating and mostly not helpful, but as a professional developer I figured I could do fine on my own.

The control panel allowed for creating ASP.NET applications, so you could put several applications onto your account.

The site also allowed for adding multiple domains so long as they all resolved to the same place.  I wrote an app that redirected based on the request header to a suitable folder.

Then one day, they complain that they don’t like how my site is set up and want me to pay them more money for my site.  That is a hobby site that gets like 10 visits a week.  I’m not going to pay extra for that.

Plus, if they want me to pay more for, well, I got like 7 thematically different domain names and 4 thematically different sites and about as many again test, sample and demo sites, also thematically different.  I’m not going to double my web hosting rent everytime I upload a new web.config, configure a ASP.NET application or buy a domain name.  So either A: they are stupid and are trying to charge me for something I don’t owe them or B: they charge for each thematically different folder, but haven’t caught on that by that reasoning I owe them a mint.

My website can move back to my linux box at  Lunarpages leaves me alone and is always up.

My two wiki’s can move to any ASP.NET host, even if it doesn’t have a SQL Server.

My calendar site is a different issue, it currently needs a SQL Server, but that seems to run about $10 extra per month.  I’ve been considering converting to SQLite, and maybe this $120 a year penalty for using SQL Server will convince me to do so.

This nightmare started about Saturday.  Monday I’ve already started moving my websites.  The process will be over shortly and the nighmare will be over hopefully in a few days.

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