Review of Scandinavian Social Resources in DC

My Icelandic Meetup got the attention of the webmaster at the Icelandic Embassy.  If google brought you here, don’t forget the Icelandic language meetup group meets weekly!

I decided to revisit some of the pan-Scandinavian social sites again and see which ones are language centric (study and conversation) and which ones are cultural centric (food and family).  I think there are more Danes and Swedes in the DC area than any other Scandinavian group.  Danes I think have more social events going on, and Icelanders probably the most proportionate to the number of Icelanders around here.

Danish Club.  Looks active.  Danish is obviously the best group for movies, since they have the most movies.
Sons of Norway DC
.  Looks like a cultural group.
Scandinavian Association of DC.   Panscandinavian cultural group.
Swedish Embassy.
Meetups: Norwegian, Icelandic, Danish, Swedish.

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