Movie Review: The Invasion

Warning spoilers.

This is a remake of the body snachers.  Everyone gets infected with an alien virus that highjacks the brain.  Strangely, it infect only humans and leaves the hosts functional, except they are now emotionless drones with a radical and homogenous political outlook.  Is the rhinovirus a Republican or a Communist?

Since I don’t watch horror movies often, I ended up pacing all over the place while the movie was playing.  On the brighter side, I got to see lots of shots of DC and a supernaturally good looking Nicole Kidman in a very expensive Georgetown house.  She transfers to high definition very well.  Me on the otherhand, in high definition, I’d look intensely stubblely.

I also saw in this movie version of DC an incongruous newsstand scene.  I have never seen a New York style newsstand in Washington DC.  It seems like this is a common movie goof.  I wish I could find the wikipeida entry about the other movie that made the same mistake.  Is there a single New York style magazine stand in DC that movie makers track down, just for these sort of scenes?

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