LiveMocha Review: Icelandic

I finished the LiveMocha Icelandic course! Huzzah!

I scored 2369 points which puts me about 7th place at time of finishing.

The five lessons were pretty much effortless learning.  The learn by example was extremely helpful for learning the proper cases for prepositional phrases because at the end of the lesson it just felt like a preposition should go with a word with such and such an ending.

Some lessons were tedious (time and numbers), some questions had mistakes (ie. sound didn’t match the text), some questions had more than one possible answer but the computer accepted only one, double clicking meant you lost points (the computer interprets the 2nd click as a response on the next question).

Aside from these technical difficulties and characteristics typcial of all computer based training, this course was well worth the time I invested in it.  Since it is free, I can’t see why you are still reading this review and not leveling up on LiveMocha Icelandic.

One thought on “LiveMocha Review: Icelandic

  1. Just yesterday I found livemocha..I signed up but then I also found other sites like it on the web and just want to know which one is best and which site will help me with my Mandarin. So how are you liking livemocha? What are some of the cool things they have on their site that will help me learn? Thanks for your help