Seitan Advice

These are my notes gathered researching making seitan at home.

Watch the you tube videos before you start.

Use either gluten flour (70% gluten), or some hard winter wheat flour, or white whole wheat (15% protein).

Obviously, don’t try to use a low gluten or gluten free flour.

Knead the dough until springy before putting it in the water.

Keep the water, let it sit, the starch sinks and you can use that starch for stuff like gravy, or discard it because we get enough starch in our diet already.

Spelt has gluten, but it’s gluten is highly water soluable so you probably don’t want to use that.

Refined grains without the bran are probably OK, because in the washing, everything but the gluten is disolved and washed away.

 Put seitan in a bag to boil for cooked seitan.  Or bake the whole lunp.  Or boil it without the bag to make a  seitan soup.

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