Politics and Guns

A few days ago, a man in Knoxville Tennissee made a political statement by going to church to kill some liberals.

I always try to go to any nearby UU church when I’m traveling– It’s always nice to be able to hang out in place with a familiar sort of people even when I’m out of town.

The UU church is a place for people who like to think big thoughts, like about how to achieve peace, social equality, justice.  For a sometimes materialist like myself sometimes it sounds vacuous.  But thinking about big ideas do work, and they do have real life consequences.  A progressive outlook on life isn’t just a matter of style, diet and driving a Prius.  A progressive outlook transforms the world.

A red state outlook transforms the world, too.  Gun fetishism is not just macho tough talk.  It isn’t just flashy style.  Jim David Adkisson, steeped in the big thoughts of Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity was tranformed and went to the Knoxville UU with enough bullets to kill 76 men, women and children.  Unlike better armed churches, the Knoxville congregants stopped the gunman with their own bodies.

These guns are not just symbolic totems.  What does the conservative movement really intend for the radicalized members of the right to do with these guns?  Don’t these talking heads–Bill, Mike and Sean–realize that the ideas they push on the airwaves and in pulp bulks aren’t just boisterous hot air, making people feel good about being a member of the club conservatives– but these are ideas with the power to transform the world in a direction that even they can’t possibly want?

We up here in Arlington hold Knoxville’s sorrow in our hearts.

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