XM Radio wants you to eat spam.

“Please do not reply to this email. This is a service email from XM Satellite Radio. Please note that you may receive service email in accordance with your XM Satellite Radio Customer Agreement, whether or not you elect to receive promotional email.”

This comes from the company that double charged me for my subscription and has required a phone call on each renewal.

XM radio, you can send me spam and hide behind a legal fig leaf, but I can tell google you are sending spam.  If enough people tell gmail you are sending spam, you will fall into a black hole.

And if XM Radio still gets past my spam blocker, I still won’t read it.  But it doesn’t stop there!  I can also blog about it.

If you are thinking about signing up with XM Radio, don’t trust them with your mail email address, use a hotmail account that you don’t check very often.

One thought on “XM Radio wants you to eat spam.

  1. Please pass it on: XM continues to sell the Samsung Helix portable radio although Samsung will not honor the one-year warranty on parts. I purchased the Helix in June of 2008. The battery would not hold a charge. Samsung says they cannot give me a new battery or a new unit. They, allegedly, will refund the purchase price. A rep. told me it’s because of a security issue with the radio. Nonetheless XM continues, unethically, to sell the unit, with an advertised one year warranty. If you actually need it, you can’t use it. Moreover, if your Helix stops working after one year, you are screwed. Protest this to XM.