Party Law

I’m not a lawer, you can tell because I’m not an ass.

None-the-less, I enjoy talking about law.  Todays topic is: party law.

Noise.  If you got thin walls and loud friends, expect cops unless you have understanding neighbors.

Booze. You could be affected by underage drinking laws.  There are liability laws if you serve alcohol at parties.  The gist seems to be that it is up to the host to make sure people are legally allowed to drink and they don’t drink so much that they can’t drive home.  Here is a link to a real lawyer’s page on state “Social Host Liability” laws.

TV, Movies and Music.  Showing a movie at a party can be a violation, depending on how you conduct it.  There are special rules for educational films, films that are somewhat public,  special rules for TV shows like the SuperBowl.  The law depends on federal copyright law and the specific licenses that might exist on media.  Violations are hard to detect by the agrieved party, so unless your party is public, I don’t see how these rules get enforced.

P-ker.  If you are playing p-ker,there are 50 different kinds of laws, some states being more friendly that others.

Rowdiness.  You can be liable for your guests being roudy, screwing around or otherwise breaking the law.  PPT from Carroll College in MT, discussess sex, booze and rock-n-roll, all of which are illegal or create liabilities ofr the host if they get out of hand.  Speaking of screwing around, there is also a body of common and legislative law growing up to regulate parties where the attendees are having sex.

Fighting and falling. If someone gets hurt, you’ll need renters or home insurance.

HOA restrictions, Rental Agreement Restrictions.  You’re on your own on these.  Not sure if anti-party clauses are enforceable (i.e. both legally binding and worth the effort of detecting and pursuing)

Far and away the most likely issue to arise has to do with booze and noise.

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