Icelandic Study Advice

Learning a language is all about productivity.  Paper dictionaries, are not a productive use of time.  What is best is read on line with a online dictionary close enough to allow for cut and paste.

Online Dictionaries : Enter first few letters of word, does an English and Icelandic lookup at the same time.

University of Wisconsin: Enter word, even the inflected form, and UWDC will usually find it.  You can use d for ð. Doesn’t do as good a job with a “starts with” search.

Google Images.  Enter word, search. Example, Ísbjörn. Do not search for “að keyra” “to drive” using the google image search technique.

Being motivated about learning a language is all about real social relationships. Icelandic meetups, like the DC Icelandic Meetup.  This has been the best thing for my Icelandic skills outside of BYKI vocabulary drills.

Italki, online social networking for language learners.  I personally haven’t benefited from this service, yet, but it shows promise.

One thought on “Icelandic Study Advice

  1. There are so many great language learning resources online now, which is really cool. I have been using to learn Spanish and it has been a great recource so far. I have also used and Rosetta Stone, both were great language learning aides as well. Have fun learning new languages.

    Let me know if you or your readers are interested in a free tutoring session.