Learn Something Everyday

Maryland Wine. I learned that there are about 4 wineries right next to where my Aunt & Uncle live.  I visited two of them today, Loew Vinyard and Elk Run Winery.  I learned Loew’s wines are not sold in Virginia because of the high transaction costs of dealing with the various agencies that regulate liquor.  I bought a mead/white wine, plus two more bottles.  From Elk Run I got “Maryland Merlot” (ha-ha), and another red.  Next time I visit them, I’ll have to visit the other two wineries, Black Ankles and Linganore, whose website implies they have a bunch of exotics including mead!.

Personal Inventory. My wine inventory is now up to about 14 weeks worth of wine.  I guess the advantage of having a wine inventory is that I have some options and I can defer shopping again for a long time. I suppose if one were to be scientific about it, one could calculate the optimum order quantity, given the cost of holding a bottle of wine on the shelf (about 10-30cents per year), the cost of driving out to buy wine (about $24 of gasoline, but can be neglected if you are driving out to the countryside for some other reason), etc.

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