MacBook on a Bus

My singular economically rational goal in buying a mac was to make the time on the bus productive. I’m not there yet, but I’m closer. So far I’ve done these productive tasks:

* write a blog entry, using NeoOffice– tomorrow I try out a blog specific editor. [Update: this is being posted with Qumana a free mac blog editor, more on Qumana in a future post]
* read blogs (at least those with feeds that contain full entries) using Vienna
* read a user manual in PDF format for work related software
* used my mac as an ad hoc cell phone

Some other stuff I’ve done of questionable value include watching movies, trying out new software.

Update work documents. I gotta figure out how to get documents to and from my laptop without having to think about it twice a day. In my opinion, any twice a day synching tasks are completely unacceptable, because I already have too many setup and tear down chores. Current most likely candidate: Google Gears apps, like the google word processor and the Remember the Milk application. [Update: Google gears didn't help. I couldn't export a word document from the browser when in disconnected mode! Plus, I can't connect my laptop to the internet at work so while at work I'd be isolated from my documents.]

Software development. I gotta get an IDE and portable SVN working directories set up). The synching chores here may be too great to practically use it for work code, but maybe not to severe to use it for my personal web projects. [Update: .NET development on a mac still looks like an advance user scenario, so I'm just going to set up my dev-environment in Parallels.]

Mail. Simple one, but I still haven’t got it set up. [Update: I got it set up. Apple mail is perfectly serviceable.]

Disconnected. The lack of a network really cuts into a lot of applications and not just the web-browser. For example a blog editor can’t get past the set up page.

Temperature. The MacBook runs hot sitting on a lap for 40 minutes. I’ve installed a fan speed control (smcFanControl) and bumped up the minimum speed. Even with that, the computer says the CPU is 41 C.

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