News: Working, driving

Work. This is the 2nd week of driving to work.  It makes me wonder if maybe software consulting is going to survive the post petroleum economy.  When you don’t know where you will be working from quarter to quarter, either all the employers are going to have to cluster together (with housing) or people will have to move every time they get a new consulting engagement.

Health. Made it to the gym today.  I’m continuing my experiment of drinking 1/2 cup of wine a day- it’s taking about a week to finish off a bottle and the 7th day is a bit under 1/2 cup.  I looked up how long a bottle of whiskey would last– it is about 25 days or so.  That’s a long time to wait to get through what might be a crappy bottle of booze.  If the booze industry was serious about moderation, they’d use package that let consumers measure the booze like a drug.  A bottle of whiskey should be 10.5 oz or 310ml, i.e. something evenly divisible by 1.5 and a multiple of 7.  A quick internet search shows most whiskey being sold in wine bottle sizes.   I still haven’t found good numbers to translate the 4oz of wine a day into a number contingent on gender, height, weight and age.

Socializing. Yesterday was the 3rd successful Icelandic Meetup.  Other than than I’m just drifting.  No clear short term goals.

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