News: Spinning wheels, Short Term Goals

So I’m busy spinning my wheels. I read someone’s blog who was speculating if one could have better productivity or ergonomics with a stand up desk, i.e. a desk at waist height and no chair.   A comment on the blog said productivity or it’s lack had more with not having clear short term goals.

What a goal looks like.  It should be measurable, near enough in the future that it can be done.  It is bigger than a to-do list item, smaller than a project.

Short Term Goals. Finish eating dinner.

Health.  Use up all the slow moving inventory in the kitchen. Think up some basic recipes for local & sustainable meals– something based on peanuts, paw paw or potatoes.

Wealth. My gym goals aren’t quantified anymore, other than to go.  Maybe I should measure days without back pain as a metric.  I’m up to about 2.  Before that, it had been a few months.

Education. Gotta resume progress on Icelandic if for no other reason than there is a meetup this weekend I’m leading.

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