Randoms bits of news

I’m on vacation if spending half of each day doing errands and the other half studying can be called a vacation.

I’ve been catching up on my Netflicks.  So far I’ve seen “The Future of Food” (we’re screwed), “Tripping the Rift” (cartoons screwing around), “Dilbert,” the TV show (Dilbert is screwed).  Next I need to find a documentary on spiral metal fasteners to round out the set.

The Swedish meetup was a success, but just barely.  Loads of last minute cancellations almost wiped out everyone who actually spoke any Swedish.  Fortunately once things got started there were three people who could talk and then me, who said all of two words in Swedish.
I tried to go to a “End Poverty” meetup, but because it was on “Free Ice Cream Day” at Ben & Jerry’s, the place was mobbed and had a huge line.  I couldn’t find the meetup group.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Ironically, the people in the line didn’t look poor or hungry.  You’d think the soup kitchen crowd would have heard about this promotion.

My son and I made enchiladas and pumpkins pies, but before I could take a picture, we eatted them. :-(

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